Young Arts 2019 - Shiela Woods


July 14th 2019 saw the conclusion to an amazing Young Arts project that was 12 months in the making. From the initial selection of x3 pieces of exceptional art work at the end of term Art Work Exhibition at Thomas Alleyne’s High School, Uttoxeter  June 2018, to the acceptance of Livia Robinson’s work as a Star Student by the RBA selection panel in London and then the final journey to hanging in the RBA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. The painting was sold and the journey ended.

Throughout this time, constant contact was maintained with the Head of Art at the school, and with the support of the Needwood Lichfield Arts Society, I was able to be a conduit and facilitator for the project.

I attended the Private View and Official Opening of the Society’s Annual Exhibition on Wednesday,3rdJuly 2019. Alongside the 21 Star Young Arts students, featured work by over 500 established and emerging artists was to be seen. The Head of Art and Livia’s family also visited the exhibition whilst it was on. It gave everyone a massive fillip, with the school and pupil well aware of the support extended to them through the Arts Society. They were effusive  with their thanks.

The West Midlands Area has also been fulsome with their congratulations in the achievement of this award. It has been noted that Needwood Lichfield Young Arts is alive and active!

Without the regular raffle held at our lecture meetings, which you all support brilliantly, this story could not have been told. You, the members, are the reason that Young Arts has a voice. I personally thank you one and all for your ongoing support with the projects that I endeavour to do on your behalf.

The photograph shows Mick Davies, the Vice President of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), who was instrumental in setting up the Star Student Art Competition with the Arts Society.