Recording of St Michael and all Angels at Tatenhill has paused to allow recorders a chance to bring their records up-to-date and to avoid trying to record in a church without any heating!

The team and progress to date are:

Jill & Foss Sykes – metalwork 

Have done measurements of all items and are half way through descriptions.  Awaiting a report on bells from the Church Warden.

Helen & Alastair Scales– stonework

Have done preliminary survey of everything and detailed work on the reredos.  Now beginning to fill in templates 

Duncan & Roe Ferguson– woodwork

Are about 3/4 of the way through measuring and have taken lots of photos.  Some descriptions have been done by Ron Peacock.

Diana Humpage & Ruth Hardingham  – windows

Mainly working from home, Ruth on research and Diana on recording.

Gill Belleni & Sandra Cavey – miscellaneous

Have been researching Faculties and other records.  Also have spent time recording the organ. 

Sarah Elsom & Phillip Coleman – memorials & pictures

Have done rough description + measurements of all memorials.  Phil now transferring to templates.  Descriptions will need refining in due course.  Phil has done a lot of work on the memorials and families represented already.  A survey & report on the memorials was carried out by Dr. David Carrington, Church Monuments Society this year. (2016)

If anyone wants to join us please contact me – we are looking for help with the library and church textiles.

Sarah Elsom 



Church Trails

Click on the link below to view the NADFAS YouTube video on Church Trails.