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Young Arts Update
Monday 20 August 2018


Sadly there was no take up from the membership requesting details of primary schools in Staffordshire that might have been interested in details of the West Midlands Young Arts Competition; details and design entries  had to be received by Friday, 1st June 2018.  I sent our apologies to the West Midlands YA Co-ordinator stating our inability to find schools to work with in such a short space of time. I and our Chairman are, however, going across to Wedgewood on Saturday, 22nd September 2018 when the winning designs will be presented at an award ceremony.
Various developments have been happening since I last gave a YA report

  1. The Pingle School has awarded our YA trophy to a very worthy recipient at an awards ceremony in June. Our award went to a Year 10 student and was presented as a special award for ‘ Young Artist of the Year’. We have been thanked by the school.
  2. Those of you who tuned into East Midlands Today several weeks ago and saw the programme about the film release of a former student from the Pingle School ‘Pin Cushion’ may have spotted our mosaic in the frame as one of the teachers was being interviewed. I felt very proud to have seen this on TV!
  3. The 2nd trophy has also been awarded at the Thomas Alleyne’s High School in June 2018. The Mayoress of Uttoxeter presenting the award. Again thanks were received from the school.
  4. My final contact has been with Thomas Alleyne’s School when I attended their Art Exhibition on 26th June 2018. As an ongoing result of this 3 works of art have been submitted for consideration by The Royal Society of Artists 2018-2019. We will know if  any of these works has been selected sometime during October when the RBA President and Council will select the work to be shown at the Royal Overseas League and the Mall galleries alongside professional artists. If any of the works are chosen we are committed to having the work framed and arranging transport to and from London… this space.
  5. Finally, I have committed us to the cost of £300.00 to support Larissa Derby’s 6th Form Art Student’s visit to the Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum on 26/09/2018.

Thank you for all the support and resources that members give to Young Arts.
Sheila Woods