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02 April 2019Leonardo's Women
07 May 2019English Silverware (1690 -1760) Dr. Peter le Rossignol
04 June 2019Punch and Judy
02 July 2019From Pre-Raphaelite to President: John Everett Millais RA
03 September 2019For the Love of Flowers

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Leonardo's Women Shirley Smith Tuesday 02 April 2019

This is the third time Shirley Smith has visited us. She is a Renaissance art historian, who has spoken to us about Botticelli and Caravaggio on previous occasions. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, so it is fitting that we should look at some of his most famous images – women – Madonnas, wealthy members of society, mistresses; and including of course probably the best known portrait ever painted.

Reading: Martin Kemp, Leonardo (Oxford University Press, 2004)