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05 November 2019Elisabeth Frink - The Expressive Power of Bronze
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01 September 2020Stories in Stone: the War Memorials of William Storr Barber

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Elisabeth Frink - The Expressive Power of Bronze Frank Woodgate Tuesday 05 November 2019

Elisabeth Frink – The Expressive Power of Bronze

Elisabeth Frink was one of the 20thC’s most outstanding sculptors. Her first small sculpture was acquired by the Tate when she was only 21 (and still a student). Her bronzes varied in scale from small birds to large figures like The Walking Madonna at Salisbury Cathedral and The Risen Christ at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Sadly she died in her early 60s. Frank Woodgate, who has spoken to us about 20thC art on a number of occasions, will examine Frink’s work in the context her great British and European predecessors.

Reading: Frink, a Life of the Sculptor Elisabeth Frink by Stephen Gardiner (1997)